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Customer-oriented Culture Embedded in the Philosophy of "The Highest Excellence is Like That of Water"

China Comservice made great efforts in promoting the customer-oriented culture embodying the philosophy of "the highest excellence is like that of water" and advocating the core value of "benefit all", which helped the Group raise its cohesion and strength, and thus provided a strong cultural support to achieve its strategic goals.

With our beliefs in the cultural connotation as "value the trust, respect the wisdom and benefit all" and the cultural essence of "innovation, compatibility, perseverance, reliability and partner-ship", China Comservice incorporates the unique features of water into our corporate culture, operations and business development. We aim to provide customers with integrated solutions of information network construction built on our integrated turnkey service capabilities in the informatization sector. Therefore, we are able to realize the values of shareholders, employees, industry, customers and the society, thus achieving our own success through helping others to succeed.

- Extrated from "Tao Te Ching" : "The highest excellence is like that of water, which serves all without ever asking for a return." Good deeds at the highest level share the same features as that of water, which nourishes all lives and does not content with them.

Customer-oriented Culture Embedded in the Philosophy of "The Highest Excellence is Like That of Water"

To build a hundred-billion enterprise with superior performance and a culture of harmony and happiness

Building world-class networks for the informatization services

Core Value
Innovation, Compatibility, Perseverance, Reliability and Partnership

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