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Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Officers Visit CCS Jiangsu 2015/07/17

On July 17th, the delegation of Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications headed by Mr. Kan Channmeta, Secretary of State at the Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications; Mr. Under (Mr Under??) Secretary of State; and Mr. Chakrya Moa, General Director of Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia paid an official visit to CCS Jiangsu.
Mr. Yao Yue, the President of CCS Jiangsu welcomed the delegation and introduced the guests to the current situation of the company and its business in Cambodia.

Mr. Kan Channmeta acknowledged CCS’s contribution to the telecommunication development in Cambodia and expressed gratitudes towards CCS’s donation of 26 computers to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia which greatly supported the Ministry’s ICT training. Meanwhile, he expected future cooperation between the two parties.

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