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AfricaCom 2015: China Comservice Visions the Future of ICT in Africa 2015/11/19

AfricaCom 2015, the biggest technology exhibition in Africa, attracts attention across the telecoms, media and ICT industries. 

This year, China Comservice showcased its strengths and capabilities of One-Stop-Shop Services and integrated ICT solutions at the 18th annual AfricaCom. The three-day event has also seen China Comservice shared its latest vision: “China-Africa Partnership Program in Trans Africa Information Superhighway”, and how the program could help to get more African countries connected to high-quality networks, allowing them to enjoy modern digital life.

In the early rise of economic development, Africa is urgently in need of bridging its infrastructure gaps, especially in information and communication technologies (ICT), and achieving industrialization. With weak network, African countries are keen to develop telecommunications in term of scale, quality, coverage, applications, and operations.

The vision of “Trans Africa” Information Superhighway is to help Africa become ever more important part of the international information network. By constructing Broadband Countries, Smart Cities, Regional Hub and promoting industrialization through informatization, this project will support Africa in a few ways - enhancing Nation’s Strengths, enlarging International Influence, ensuring National Security, and eliminating Digital Divide.

As the network builder for world class communications infrastructure, relying on excellent professional capabilities, rich experiences, and partnerships with operators, equipment vendors and financial institutions, China Comservice has the ability to help Africa to achieve the leap development of informatization

Being the largest builder and maintenance service provider of telecom industry in China, China Comservice provides all-chain services covering from infrastructure construction to newest IT applications development.  On display at our stand are overseas successful cases of: Backbone Networks, FTTx, IDC, BOSS, Safe City, and Smart City. We are already build up more than 25,000 kilometers of fiber-optic backbone network in Africa.




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