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China Comservices Show in Africa Com 2017 2017/11/30

November 7th, 2017, the 20th Africa Com was grandly held in the Cape Town International Exhibition Center of South Africa. As a leading brand in global communications solution providers, China Communications Services brings along a number of industry-wide solutions covering the customers in operators, government, education, healthcare, finance, transportation and commerce. And through these solutions, China Communications Services shows their one-stop, full-service capability covering the areas from pre-investigation and consultation, planning and design to project financing, operation and maintenance and management, and the comprehensively strength to visitors.

During this three-day exhibition, with the theme of “Connect Every corner of the world “, China Communications Service promote the "African Information highway" project, which became a major highlight of the show. This project aims to realize the communication interconnection and interoperability in Africa, to build broadband countries, smart cities and regional HUBs and promote industrialization with informationization, eliminate the digital divide, ensure the stability of politics and society in African countries, and ensure the security and sharing of networks and information. The service products promoted by China Comservices mainly include communication network and ICT solutions such as optical fiber backbone transmission network solution, submarine optical cable solution, FTTx solution, data center, smart city and safe city. These solutions help African telecom carriers and other businesses transform their networks by improving network quality, improving operational efficiencies, lowering costs, and investing accurately.

During this exbihition, Mr.Zhu Ruidian, vice president of China Comservices International led the high-level marketing team to discuss  with customers and partners for how to work with China Government, African country governments, Chinese enterprises, African enterprises and other international institution and enterprises, to cooperate in “Africa Information Highway" project, and realize the construction of "eight vertical and eight horizontal" optical fiber backbone network,  connect African countries, expand the coverage of African national telecommunication networks and improve the quality of communication services and reduce Communications cost, then to help Africa realize the leap-forward development of information technology as soon as possible so as to build a better all-linked Africa. At the same time, aimed at the development trend of the communications technology industry in Africa, the high-level marketing team also discussed with many customers in how to work together to expand and innovate their business, enhance their core competitiveness and jointly build an open, cooperative and win-win industrial ecosystem to help their business customers to success in the new digital era.

 Guests from countries and regions such as Ethiopia, Angola, Botswana, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Singapore, Italy and Saudi Arabia visited the booth of China Comservices and exchanged with on-site staff. Many business representatives reached cooperation with China Comservices in technology and project areas. In addition, during the exhibition, People's Daily visited China Comservices booth and interviewed with Mr. Zhu to learn more about China Comservices’ overseas service capability and "African Information Highway” project.


As the most influential communications technology professional exhibition in Africa, Africa Com 2017 is the 20th event, which provide a platform for industry interaction and driving digital transformation in Africa. The theme of this year is "Building a Better Connected Africa", which promoted through exhibitions, forums, presentations and other activities, with the topics in financial technology, smart healthcare and education, energy and agricultural science and technology. This year's event attracted more than 400 exhibitors including major telecommunications operators, global communications equipment suppliers, information service providers and investors in Africa. More than 9,000 people attended the event, with more than 300 speakers and an unprecedented scale.

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