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We are the most competitive ICT service provider in telecommunications industry. We provide the service of software development, system integration, Internet value-added services, and voice value-added services, etc.

IT Applications
Our professional IT application services can provide system integration, communications network support services and hardware and software development services for telecommunications operators, government, corporate and other customers. The scope of services includes businesses like BOSS system development and services, video surveillance operations, information security services and electronic payment service.

Internet Service
For Internet Database Centers (IDCs) under international standards, we provide technical supporting services including wiring, server trust, network monitoring, professional website planning/designing/maintenance, network application, DDN, etc. The scope of services covers internet information, video, games, e-commerce authentication and electronic payment services. We are confident in providing the most efficient and convenient ICT integration services.

Voice Value-added Service
We are committed to provide voice value-added services, such as voice-related services, call centre services, mobile value-added services, for telecommunications operators, government and corporate customers. The scope of services includes businesses such as information services like 160, 168, telephone secretarial services, video and telephone conference services, call centre outsourcing, SMS, MMS, WAP wireless Internet and cell phone games.

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