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We provide customers with standardized integrated services covering the key activities of network operations, including the maintenance, testing and optimization for various vendors' network equipments, improvement of service quality for various network technologies, network expansion, management of various network facilities including but not limited to base stations, machine rooms and the operation of service outlets, etc. We can assist our customers to effectively lower their costs of operations and focus on their business strategic planning and marketing, thereby creating greater values for them.

Telecommunications Network Outsourcing Service
We provide customized integrated network services for our overseas customers, including all kinds of equipment maintenance, testing, optimization and network expansion. We help our customers to reduce operating costs and release their precious resources to other areas for creating greater profitability.

Network Maintenance
We offer a One-stop maintenance service and enable our customers to enjoy a stable and cost-saving network operation. We have good brand name and reputation in network maintenance business and we can provide services like communications pipeline maintenance, base station maintenance, broadband network maintenance, network equipment maintenance, terminal maintenance and network optimization for telecommunications operators and corporate customers.

Distribution of Telecommunications Services and Products

We have a large scale distribution network and provide various kinds of telecommunication service/products distribution. The scope of services includes agency service for telecommunications business, fee collection, handsets sales and after-sales service, warehousing and delivery services and import and export agency service, etc.

Facilities management

Our professional facility management subsidiaries are principally engaged in providing facilities management services, such as property management for telecommunications operators, government agency and corporate customers. Our scope of services covers management and maintenance services for communications buildings, equipment room and other telecommunication facilities.

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